Abilene Business Community Takes Off with Space-Themed Expo

Abilene businesses continue to gravitate towards Annual Biz Expo as their main event

The Abilene business community came together for a day of networking and discovery at the Chamber of Commerce’s 40th annual Business Expo. Held at the Abilene Convention Center, businesses showcased their products and services through booths in both the Exhibit Hall and Conference Center. Many companies were giving away branded items, creating a festive and engaging atmosphere.

This year’s theme of “Business is Out of This World!” inspired creative decorations, with UFOs, aliens, rocket ships, and astronauts adorning many booths. The presenting sponsors, including Optimum, Affordacare Urgent Care, and Fat Matt Roofing, had eye-catching displays that drew in visitors. The abundance of swag items, including candies, fly-swatters, chip-clips

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