A Tribute to Saied: The Greenville Zoo Pays Its Respects to the Beloved Lion Who Underwent Euthanasia

African Lion at Greenville Zoo succumbs to health complications

This morning, the Greenville Zoo in South Carolina made the difficult decision to euthanize one of their African Lions, Saied, at the age of 15. Despite receiving treatment for a degenerative joint disease and spinal neurological problem, recent tests showed that his condition had worsened, greatly affecting his quality of life. After consulting with zoo staff, the decision was made to humanely euthanize him.

Saied had arrived at the Greenville Zoo with his brother Chuma from the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia in 2010. He was considered the dominant male of the pair. Zoo officials mentioned that they will be closely monitoring Chuma as he adjusts to the loss of his brother. Plans are being made for a remembrance event for Saied at the zoo.

The Greenville Zoo expressed their sadness over the loss of Saied and asked for understanding as they continue to gather more information. Their focus is now on ensuring the well-being of the animals in their care and supporting Chuma during this difficult time. Updates on any future plans for honoring Saied will be shared with the public as they become available. The zoo appreciates the community’s support during this challenging period.

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